Wild West Fly Fishing



Welcome to Wild West Fly Fishing. Montana's premier flyfishing destination. We invite you to come along on the flyfishing adventure of your life here in Montana. We pride ourselves on having the most experienced, pleasurable, hardworking guides in Montana and the West... although we call Bozeman Montana home. We are not bound to one river, one lake or one stream in Montana. We travel the dusty backroads, the mountain trails, and endless stretches of highways here in Montana to take you to the best trout flyfishing in the world.

Our guides live and breath to flyfish and when they are not taking and teaching people to flyfish, they ARE FISHING! Most know that Montana has world class flyfishing. So come along and let us show you the wild Yellowstone river giant brown trout and native cuthroat, the mighty Missouri's incredible dry flyfishing, the prolific Bighorn's scrapy rainbows, the Madison river big bug eaters, and the endless small streams and lakes in Montana that Wild West Fly Fishing calls home.

New for 2016 are our Montana Flyfishing Package rates.  Please contact us for details.  Also our jetboat flyfishing to Land of the Giants on the Missouri River continue to be met with great success.   The Gates of the Mountains flyfishing is truly a special place.

Come along and let us show you that Montana and the west is still wild.